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About the MBTI®

The MBTI assessment tool is the most widely used personality assessment in the world, and can be used in personal, career, leadership, and team development. It is based on over 60 years of research and is used for purposes such as personal development, career and vocational guidance, team building, leadership development and counselling.

Taking the MBTI inventory is a self-affirming experience that helps individuals and couples gain a richer understanding of themselves and others. Here are a few ways that the MBTI can help you:

  • Discover your unique personality type.
  • Identify your natural strengths to improve communication, decision making, and conflict resolution.
  • Identify potential growth areas.
  • Learn how life's challenges can affect you based on your personality type.
  • Develop strategies to reduce stress by understanding what causes stress within your personality type.

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How the MBTI® Works

The MBTI helps to identify which of the following dichotomies an individual prefers:

  1. Where you prefer to focus your attention (Introversion or Extroversion).
  2. How you prefer to take in information (Sensing or Intuition).
  3. How you prefer to make decisions (Thinking or Feeling).
  4. How you prefer to engage the external world (Perceiving or Judging).

Based on these preferences, the MBTI assessment provides a four letter code that makes up a persons personality type. For example: ESFJ. Reports are generated based on the personality type and can cover a wide range of areas. Each report is tailored to specific areas to suit the desired goals.