Grief & Loss

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There are some obvious sources of grief such as the death of a spouse or close family member and the break up of a marriage. However there are other events that can cause grief that aren’t as obvious to us, such as leaving or losing a job, retirement or life transitions, moving house or moving to a different state or country, and a physical injury (especially if it effects one's life style). Anything that we place value on that we lose in one form or another can cause us to experience grief.

In the case of the death of a loved one, it can often be a busy time, arranging the funeral, talking to family and friends, preparing to talk at the funeral etc. It is often not until after the funeral when everyone goes back to their lives that the reality of the loss of the loved one begins to set in. It can be helpful for people to seek some grief counselling around this time to help process the grief and help to adjust to life.

Physical symptoms may include -

Dry mouth

Lack of energy

Weakness in the muscles


Shortness of breath

Feeling like nothing is real

Tightness in chest or throat

Hollowness in the stomach

Behaviours may include -

Over or under eating



Sleep disturbances

Social withdrawal

Avoiding reminders of the deceased

Emotional symptoms may include -











Psychological symptoms may include-



Adsent Mindedness

Dreams of the deceased

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