Marriage Counselling


The aim of marriage counselling is to promote open communication between partners. With willing participation and positive changes from each couple, harmful patterns and resentments are changed, and trust restored.

Every marriage may face a challenge or rough patch at some stage, and at these times, marriage counselling may be necessary. Challenges may arise out of frequent disagreements, financial pressures, differences in values or pressures relating to in-laws. Other challenges may also arise from more detrimental circumstances such as an extra-marital affair or reoccurring arguments, which cannot be resolved.

It is common for a marriage to experience problems due to certain understandings of biblical principles of marriage. These understandings can create an expectation of how the other person should behave. When a spouse fails to live up to these expectations, either spouse can experience anger, confusion, and even depression.

Problems can arise at all stages of a relationship from dating through to a marriage or break-up. It is important to address these issues when they occur in order to have the best chance of resolution.

Below are some of the warning signs that a marriage may not be working effectively include:

  • Feelings of unhappiness from one or both partners
  • Reoccurring arguments that fail to be resolved
  • Less and less time spent together and pursuing separate lives
  • Loss of loving feelings from one or both partners
  • Extra martial affairs

Many couples are reluctant to seek counselling when they first begin to experience problems and may wait years to seek help. This can result in their marriage problems and resentments becoming more developed and harder to resolve.

While counselling will not necessarily repair all marriage problems, by seeking marriage counselling sooner rather than later, it can help to open the lines of communication between you and your partner. By talking openly with an impartial outsider, marriages can become stronger through a newfound understanding of both partner’s needs.

If you would like to speak to one of our counsellors, feel free to make a booking enquirysend us an email or give as a call. We would happy to answer any questions you may have.