Pre-Marriage Counselling


Couples find pre-marriage counselling beneficial in that it helps prevent issues arising once married that can make life difficult, unfulfilled, and unproductive. While counselling does not guarantee that there will not be problems, it can educate and equip couples on how to deal with problems. Often couples request pre-marriage counselling because one or both can see an area of their relationship that is causing problems.

Pre-marriage counselling involves exploring male and female differences (especially in the area of communication), and how these differences affect a marriage relationship. Areas often covered in pre-marriage counselling are, understanding of male/female differences, individual differences, communication skills, marital expectations, problem solving, and conflict resolutions. Pre-marriage counselling can involve the couple engaging in individual counselling to deal with unresolved issues that may be influencing them and the relationship.


We Use Prepare-Enrich

Whom we marry is one of the most important decisions we can make in our lives. Unfortunately, many of us make that decision without discussing some important questions with our potential spouse. Questions in the area of when and how many children we are going to have, financial management issues, role expectations, sexual expectations, parenting styles and so on often go undiscussed. Pre-marriage courses help to highlight questions that need discussion to minimise problems once married. Prepare-Enrich is a valuable and particle pre-marriage tool that we use in our pre-marriage counselling. Prepare-Enrich not only highlight a couple’s growth areas but also the couple’s relationship strengths.

The number one issue that married couples complain about or struggle with is in the area of communication and conflict resolution. The Prepare course equips couples with communication tools to help them to discuss marital areas prior to walking down the aisle, as well as equip them for married life.

The Prepare-Enrich involves the couple completing a set of questions, the answer sheets are then sent of to Prepare/Enrich in NSW for a detailed computer analysis and a report is returned to the counsellor. The report includes each person’s background information, personality assessment, results from the questionnaire, which is broken up into 15 categories, a couple, and family of origin map. The results form part of the pre-marriage counselling and involve the couple and counsellor discussing the results.

In summary Prepare will help to -

  • Improve your communication
  • Increase your confidence
  • Extend your understanding of each other
  • Build up your relationship strengths

Prepare/Enrich also offer courses for -

  • Couples marrying who already have children
  • Cohabiting couples with or without children
  • Existing married couples

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