Relationship Issues

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Having relationships are what we have been designed for. While God made us in His image, it does not mean we are perfect. Before the fall of man, Adam and Eve were in perfect harmony with God. They simply listened to and obeyed God as they lived in paradise. However, Satan entered the garden and tempted Adam and Eve into believing that God was not good or trustworthy. Satan drove a wedge between them and God by tempting them into sin, which separated them from God and broke their relationship. Because of our fallen nature, relationship can be very difficult for some people if not most people.

For young people trying to find their way in the realm of relationships, life can become very confusing. They often have no idea what they want in a partner. ‘Where do I draw the line with sexual contact before marriage?’ ‘How do I tell them how I feel when they …?’ There are myriad questions that young (and not so young) people struggle to answer and sometimes fail to ask when dealing with the question “is this boy/girl (man/woman) the one for me?” Counselling can often be a fruitful way of finding the way forward when making relationship decisions.

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