Introverts in the Church

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Dear Introverted Christians,

A lot of our churches are run to accommodate an extroverted audience, especially in the Pentecostal sector. While there is nothing wrong with demonstrating ones faith and belief in an external way, perhaps the apparent leaning towards the extroverted service could have some unhelpful side effects.

Because society is predominately biased towards extroversion, we can find ourselves subconsciously trying to fit into the extroverted framework, resulting in us denying or ignoring very legitimate parts of how we have been created.

Taken a step further, we can even look around during the service, and see most people with their hands in the air, moving around (even going up the front to worship), and think there is something wrong with our faith or belief in God.

Perhaps a statement like "Maybe I need to be as animated as them before I can consider myself a 'real' Christian", or something like it is not too far from our minds and lips at times.

There is nothing wrong with extroverts or an extroverted expression of faith. We are simply exploring the more quieter side of the body of Christ.

For those that profess to be introverts, do you find yourselves facing these issues, and if so how do you deal with it? Is it a struggle for you or do you handle it ok?

Does any of this resonate with you?

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