The Consciously Unconscious INFJ

The INFJs most natural state is when they are consciously unconscious: having one foot in the conscious moment and the other in the unconscious continuum. The unsettledness others may feel is likely connected to the unfamiliar feeling felt in the presence of someone who is operating seamlessly in two realms of consciousness. The INFJ can stand in this gap effortlessly; in fact it is where they belong. INFJs occupy these two spaces as one complete space - where the temporal meets the supertemporal.

Rubin Vase

Rubin Vase

The Rubin’s vase and face theory states that you can only focus on one object at a time. Even if it is very subtle, there exists a slight shift of awareness as the mind moves from one object to the other. While this is also true for the INFJ, imagine being able to view Rubin’s vase and face simultaneously, as one image, while still being able to recognise both objects individually. This is essentially what an INFJ can do deep within themselves, when seeking to understand complex problems, especially when it comes to human relationships. This complexity is not complex at all for the INFJ. It is as natural as breathing in that, most of the time this phenomenon happens beyond the conscious awareness of the INFJ. In fact, the more complex the dynamic the easier it is to understand. This is not a boost or brag, but a simple and quiet reality, one that few people appreciate or understand.

To some this might all sound like new-agey super spiritual mumbo jumbo…far from it. In fact, it is a way of describing how to be human. With all the advancements the human race has accomplished, ironically, being human is relatively uncharted territory. Those that have ventured into this unexplored landscape of the self, return changed and often simultaneously shunned. It would seem that becoming human is the most foreign thing unknown to man.

Welcome to the unacknowledged and unfortunately even ridiculed reality of the INFJ. For the INFJ, she or he longs to be able to share this conscious unconscious space with others, or at the very least show what can be discovered in such a space. However, to the INFJs astonishment and utter amazement, this space is mostly ignored, rejected and even attacked.

Deepening the despair for the INFJ however, is their understanding as to the “why” of people’s rejection of it. That’s another advantage of standing in the conscious unconscious: being able to see not only what people do, but why they do it. This is a responsibility that needs to mastered in order to remain in this space. This could be said to be the definition of being human: holding a knowing of the “what” and the “why” of the things we do, and yet reserving judgement. Put in these words, it is not surprising that most people seem allergic to the conscious unconscious, and why it is the road less travelled.

The light that can emanate from the conscious unconscious just seems too bright and illuminating for people to approach. The light of this space doesn’t belong to the INFJ; it is simply available to those that welcome it. For the INFJ, who is well acquainted with this light, desires deeply for everyone and everything to discover and experience what they have stumbled upon.\

This light is essentially truth, and the truth is: The light does not blind, but makes one see. The light is not intimidating, it is inviting. The light is not scary, but eliminates fear. The light is not imposing, the light is you.

Every so often, someone does show interest, curiosity and openness at this other worldly (yet completely earthly) reality that many INFJs have managed to find and hold. However please understand, it is not the hope of the other seeing and experiencing this light that most excites the INFJ, although that is a piece of it. It is much more about the anticipation that the other, as a consequence of peering into the space of the INFJ, will recognise their own light and ability to stand in their own space.

Recognising the truth of who they really are, that they too occupy a space within that has many rooms and far reaching views, that carries a knowing of its own and a peace to call home.  The witnessing of this awakening and the privilege of standing so close to a real time miracle is why an INFJ exists

When we take a little look inside, we just might find who we need.

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