Discover Your MBTI® Personality Type - Sensor or Intuitive?

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Are You a Sensor or Intuitive?

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Let's have a look at the Sensing / Intuition preference. To understand this preference from a MBTI® point of view, it is important to highlight that it is one of the mental processes. This one being a Perceiving process because it is all about how you take in information from the outer world; the other mental process Thinking / Feeling is a Judging process (more one that in the next article). Keep in mind that there are no wrong or right preferences.


  • Are more concrete in their thinking.

  • Live in the here and now.

  • Prefer facts from the sensory world.

  • Are present and/or past focused.

  • Live in and from their five senses.

  • Prefer focusing on what can be seen and heard in their environment.

  • Rely on facts when coming to conclusions.


  • Are more abstract in their thinking.

  • Prefer to look for meaning or unique thoughts or possibilities between ideas or facts.

  • Are future focused.

  • Prefer looking at the big picture.

  • Are attuned to finding patterns in situations and ideas.

  • Are imaginative.

  • Rely on hunches when coming to conclusions.

A Closer Look at these Preferences

Some of you may be thinking that you can do both depending on the situation and circumstances. Truth is we all have both of these preferences in us to some extent; however the MBTI® is interested in which one comes more naturally to you overall. In other words which one do you prefer, even if it is only slight? These questions may help to fine tune your preference:

  • When listening to someone share a problem, are you listening for the facts and details of the problem, or are you more listening to the overall picture of the problem?

  • When you walk into a room do you naturally look around and consciously take in the details and objects in the room, or does it take someone to draw your attention to a specific object for you to take notice of it?

  • Do you rely on information that you have consciously gathered and processed, or do you rely on information that seems to appear more “out of nowhere”, or is drawn from a pattern of thought and ideas?

A Step Closer to Discovering Your MBTI Type

Hopefully you have come to a decision as to whether you have a preference for sensing or intuition. If you have, then you are a step closer to discovering your MBTI  personality type. If you are still having trouble determining your preference, try observing what you notice and pay attention to over the next week using the above questions as a guide. Keep in mind that we are only interested in which preference you are leaning towards, even if it is only slight.

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Scott Morgan is a professional Counsellor and a certified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator  practitioner.

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